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“Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do”

HUMOR's not the economy, it's you! Roger says, "80% of your success or failure relates to your ability to understand yourself, to manage yourself.

Your audience will laugh; they will overcome fear, and they will gain faith in their future.

View a clip of Roger's 'What I Learned After I Knew It All'

“Laughing All The Way To The Bank”

HUMOR plus…Roger presents secrets of successful selling based on his record as a Realtor – over 2,000 homes sold.  He tells salespeople that “successful people succeed in spite of, in spite of.”

Your audience will laugh at Roger’s wit and appreciate his sales wisdom.  They will have fun and acquire selling skills to use.

View a clip of Roger's 'Laughing All The Way To The Bank'

“Punch Line/Bottom Line – Humor In The Workplace”

HUMOR plus…Roger explains that workplace humor can promote happiness and productivity; it can boost the bottom line. “People who laugh together grow together,” he says.

Your audience will laugh and enjoy themselves.  They will understand that humor can bring a positive spirit to the workplace, but it must be both funny and appropriate.

View a clip of Roger's 'Punch Line / Bottom Line - Humor In The Workplace'


Keynote Speaker
After dinner speaker



 As a professional
speaker, Roger
has spoken in
43 of the 50 states,
delighting over 600
audiences. He has
served as President
of the Wisconsin
chapter of the
National Speakers




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